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Swathanthra Announces The Launch of Its First Chapter at Guntur,Andhra Pradesh

Swathanthra, educate and provides training to aspirants towards entrepreneurship

Guntur, Andhra Pradesh / July 11, 2020

Swathanthra, today announced the launch of its services at Guntur, Andhra Pradesh on virtual basis. It works with aspirants who wants to become entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams. Swathanthra offers an extensive service for the development of entrepreneurship in the sun raising state.

With Swathanthra, aspirants can transform themselves into high quality entrepreneurs. We provide services starting from Awareness Creation, Opportunity Identification, Brainstorming, Idea Generation, Market Study, Developing Business Model & Design, Developing Growth Strategies along with Leadership Development.

“We want to make it easy to those aspirants, who wants to become a focused entrepreneur, through our entrepreneurial program. Swathanthra would like to develop entrepreneurial competence such as awareness, developing their mindset, capabilities, and finally creating entrepreneurial value” said Babu Hari Krishna Lanka, Founder and CEO.

“Swathanthra would like to spread the spirit of enterprise by providing educational activities to inspire and build skills in the practice of entrepreneurship and encourage aspirants to become entrepreneurs and inspire the next generation. We hope that Swathanthra will fulfill its commitment and reach our goal to help new entrepreneurs,” said Babu.

About: Swathanthra Entrepreneurship Learning Center helps in accelerating entrepreneur skills to maximize learner engagement and long-term learning benefits. Founded in 2020 by Babu Hari Krishna Lanka, to empowers entrepreneurs, and aspirants to upskill and reskill their knowledge and develop in demand business and entrepreneurship skills by experts.

For further information, please contact: Babu Hari Krishna Lanka | Founder & CEO, Swathanthra Entrepreneurship Learning Center |


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