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Swathanthra Entrepreneurship Learning Centre

Swathanthra Entrepreneurship Learning Centre helps in accelerating entrepreneur skills to maximize learner engagement and long-term learning benefits. Founded in 2020 by team of experts, it empowers entrepreneurs and aspirants to upskill and reskill their knowledge and develop in-demand business and entrepreneurship skills. Spreading the spirit of enterprise by providing educational activities to inspire and build skills in the practice of entrepreneurship and encouraging students, and aspirants to become entrepreneurs and inspire the next generation through unique integrated support where they can identify the challenges and develop solutions.

We are not like others! Entrepreneurship is an in-build application in our DNA, which we inherited from our ancestors. Unfortunately, we haven’t used it to its fullest and made a practice in our lives. It’s time for us to focus, develop and strengthen the roots of our startup ecosystem and entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs are the most important assets of the nation. They had the power to change our thinking process, working style which imperatively brings major changes in our living style. In other words, they gain wealth from their ideas, create jobs, and promote rapid development and subsequent changes in the society.

“The nations with aggressive and proper innovation strategy on developing startup ecosystem, achieved their mission in terms of productivity, creating new business, increasing national income and developed their communities.”

Unless we develop our startup ecosystem, we won’t be in a comfortable position in achieving those things, which are achieved by other developed nations. Our dream is to see India as a developed nation, rather than sticking to a developing nation. It cannot be realistic unless we come out of our comfort zones and aspire to be an entrepreneur, especially the young India.

"I strongly believe all students should have a startup during college. Doesn't matter if successful or how big or small. Worst case scenario it will make them 10x better employee than someone with no exposure to how a business works"  
- Kunal Shah, Founder of Freerecharge

Vision & Mission

We are committed to the development of entrepreneurship, which improves the economy and society in terms of job and wealth creation.

Spreading the spirit of enterprise by providing educational activities to inspire and build skills in the practice of entrepreneurship and encourage students, aspirants to become entrepreneurs and inspire the next generation through unique and integrated support to identify the challenges and develop solutions.

Our Team

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Babu Hari Krishna Lanka

Co-founder and CEO

Babu Hari Krishna Lanka is a seasoned professional with vast experience of 15+ years in Private Equity, Venture Capital, Startups Engagement, and Research Activities. He has strong knowledge and experience in Deal Origination, Deal Valuation, Startup Advisory, and Investment Research. Babu spent most of the time in his career in Performing Research activities on Indian Deal Ecosystem and enabling budding Entrepreneurs to overcome initial hurdles in the journey setting up successful business.

Prior experience includes:

  • Startup Accelerator India Pvt. Ltd (An affiliate of Govin Capital, Singapore)- Incubation Manager – Innovations & Startups

  • VCCEdge Research – Sr. Manager, and Core Founding Team Member

  • Factset India – Member of Research Team

  • Babu holds an MBA from Acharya Nagarjuna University in Marketing and Finance. He also holds a certification in Investment Banking from Imarticus.

Specialties: Entrepreneurship Development, Startup Support, Research and Analysis on Companies, Startups, Accelerators, Angel & Seed firms, Venture Capital/Private Equity Funds, Fund Raising and Market Insights.

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Raman Kanth.V

Startups & Valuation Specialist

Raman is a research professional with extensive experience in Research and Analysis covering Equity Analysis, Investment Analysis, Valuations, Financial Modeling, Market Research, and Competitive Analysis.

In his three professional stints so far, Raman has been exposed to nearly all facets of building a data product/business. He played a key role in setting up the processes primarily relating to financial services and healthcare domains.


In addition to research and client servicing, Raman also has fair experience in Conducting Events, Providing Corporate Training and Startups Support.

He brings entrepreneurial and investment understanding with 12+ years of cross-functional expertise. Raman has acquired a depth and breadth of experience in primary and secondary research, and years of hands-on operational experience in the startup ecosystem including classification based on their business models, fundraising, and investments.

Anchor Team
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