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This program builds confidence in students, entrepreneurs, and aspirants to establish their ventures independently from idea generation to the preparation of a detailed project report. Learners will explore the segment, which makes them a successful entrepreneur in the industry, and gain knowledge that helps them to add multiple layers and create value to their organization. You can also leverage the strengths of family business management and successfully implement and practice that drive high performance. Therefore, this program builds knowledge and skills for potential entrepreneurs, aspirants, and family business successors.


During this program, the aspirants will also get the opportunity to meet the experts in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.  It also helps early-stage entrepreneurs, who are setting up their venture.

Business Meeting


  • It helps aspirants to understand the process and apply the theory they learned in establishing their new venture

  • Learners can identify and create their business ideas by utilizing individual creativity, visualization, fertility, and originality

  • This program helps entrepreneurs to implement their innovative frameworks and apply new technologies to identify new opportunities, companies, and their customers. 

  • It evaluates the visibility of the entrepreneurs in collecting and analyzing the data, which is related to the global market, industry, and team.

  • Aspirants can discuss and work with mentors and fellow members on burning topics in the startup ecosystem and on interactive projects as well

  • This program also provides access to guidance from the industry experts and helps the new entrepreneurs to gain knowledge by attending guest speaker events and practical workshops


  • Identify Business Opportunity

  • Estimate Potential Market Size

  • Develop Business Plan & Model

  • Develop Leadership Skills

  • Prepare Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Customer Acquisition & Pitching for Investment


Entrepreneurs Model

Startup Model

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