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Design Thinking

As we move ahead in the present world, a gradual downfall in the Engineering education has been significantly seen due to various reasons, be it Methodology, Approach or Pedagogy. Due to the overwhelming demand for Quality Education, many techniques have been evolved such as Active Learning and Collaborative Learning Techniques. Yet there is a wide-open gap to successfully attain the objectives of Engineering Education. In order to bridge the Gap, a tool namely Design Thinking has been introduced which acts as a complementary tool for Engineering to Work on. Design thinking is a methodology that involves lateral thinking in order to identify and solve the problems in a strategic way. The paper enshrines the role of Design thinking and its aspects in Engineering Education.

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  • Define the need for creative and design thinking.

  • Recognize various discovery phases and insights in idea generation.

  • Prepare the Idea generation concept.

  • Experiment with the group project work by using various techniques.

  • Evaluate the delivery phase and prototyping

  • Understand and validate Testing Hypothesis for Iterations.


  • Convert ideas into future products/services.

  • Discover new ideas through team workshops.

  • Define how to Evaluate the Product and understand user needs.

  • Compare the difference between concept visualization and prototyping.

  • Produce prototypes based on design thinking.

  • Setup new standards in converting raw ideas into reality.

 Target Audience 

  • Secondary School and above

  • Young Professionals

  • Working Professionals

  • Community Workers

  • An Enthusiast

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