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Negotiation is beneficial for both deal maker and deal seeker. It improves decision making and final outcome and creates win – win situations in deal making. It Improves strong relationships and build respect and Helps in avoiding  many future problems and conflicts by delivering accurate solutions, which lasts long.



  • Negotiation process

  • Negotiation tactics and values

  • Negotiation power

  • The “E” factor

  • How negotiation able to improve your strengths and weaknesses

  • How negotiation reflects the human personality

  • As a negotiator, how we can create a value to your organization

  • How to apply the negotiation strategies in different situations 

  • As a learner, you can also learn how to manage negotiations across the table

  • Win – Win Negotiation Strategies

  • Case Studies


  • Deal makers and seekers

  • Corporate/Organizations

  • Early and Mid-career professionals

  • Other new aspirants 

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